Puget Sound
Charter Boat Captains
Job Network

Welcome to the Puget Sound Chapter of the Charter Boat Captains Guild! This is a place where you can easily be found by local charter boat operators needing captains for both part-time and full-time work. We make it easy for vessel operators and crew to communicate with each other.

For Licensed Captains:
- Find Jobs!

  • Post a profile to make it easy for charter vessel owners to know your capabilities and licensed qualifications.

  • Build a printable resume online or upload your own pdf or MS Word file.

  • Store digital copies of your credentials (Only visible to members you choose).

  • Post your availability.

  • Log your sea time in one convenient place.

  • Get automatic credential expiration reminder notices.

For Vessel Owners:
- Find Captains & Crew!

  • Quickly find licensed and qualified captains and crew for your vessels.

  • Post jobs for part-time, full-time, seasonal or single transit assignments.

  • Post a profile of your business with general job requirements.

  • Build your own private roster of vetted captains and crew.

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